One month down

I have been in Coimbatore for a month now

I didn’t even realise until I recieved a message from my mobile network, Airtel, informing me that my 3G balance was going to expire. I guess a good way to keep track of time is to have mobile deals which last a month at a time. I probably won’t realise that two months have passed until Airtel informs me the next 3G pack expires.

It cost 750rs (AU$13) for 3GB of 3G data on my phone, which was more than enough to last me for the month. I even tethered my iPhone to my computer a few times in order to watch movies, and I am tethering in order to write this. Thank you Apple for providing that option – otherwise I would be lost, and incredibly bored.

I have a USB Internet stick, however it does not work properly at certain times of the day – times of high traffic. There is no point in even trying to use it after about 7:30pm, because it reaches top speeds of 3kb per second receiving and sending. At other times and when it feels like performing, it can get up to 400kb!!

There is no point getting Wifi, because the electricity supply is not reliable enough to sustain it.

So, until we move offices and they set up Wifi there, I am stuck with waiting for video to buffer online. This regularly creates tension: without electricity to charge my laptop, there are moments when it is uncertain whether the computer will last long enough to see out the movie. I was watching Argo (which I recommend strongly), and my battery died 15 minutes before the end. Without spoiling the plot, it cut out right at the climax of the film. Go figure.


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