Sunday sleep in


Last night I went to bed late, because today was Sunday and Sunday means sleep ins.

At least that’s what I assumed.

One thing I love about this country is that there is always something happening. I once had it described to me in this way: India is like a movie: there is always something happening, no second is wasted in idleness.

Unfortunately for my sleep-in this morning, this meant that my neighbours were playing Tamil devotional music at 7:30 am. This woke me up earlier than I have been waking up on work days!

It’s hard to be annoyed, because its something I appreciate about this country.

This morning was just yet another forced reevaluation of something I assumed subconsciously. At home I look forward to weekends because I can sleep in later than normal. But here, I need to make sure I go to bed earlier if I want to sleep longer: because that extra sleep won’t happen at the other end!


Here’s an example of what I woke up to, for your enjoyment:


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