Surrounding rain


Sunset in a clear sky

For the past two days there has been heavy clouds surrounding Coimbatore, hanging over the hills that are on the city outskirts. The clouds are caused by a low-pressure trough in the Bay of Bengal, which has sent some unseasonable rain into Tamil Nadu.

Unfortunately none of that rain has fallen on Coimbatore itself, except for a few light drops. However we have enjoyed the cooler winds coming from the clouds, and the smell of the rain on the mountains has drifted down. It meant the last few days were cooler than usual, except I still managed to get sunburnt yesterday!

The dust is still everywhere, and when I wash my face in the middle of the day after 2 hours of riding around on the scooter visiting schools, the cloth comes away black from the dust and dirt. But the air itself has seemed cleaner because of the rain, and the skies have been clearer.

Australia is not the only country to have recorded higher than normal temperatures this season, India has broken many records too. However it is not as publicised as it is in Australia, because global warming and its implications is not an election issue.



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