Biryani for Lunch

Today I went for chicken biryani for lunch. It is the first biryani I have had since coming to Coimbatore, and it was pretty good. 

I went with two of the guys from work, Bharathi and Rajkumar. We were originally looking for a restaurant close to our office, but Bharathi got a little lost. We ended up driving a bit further and stopped at another place selling biryani. They are very common here.

I was fairly happy with the taste, but Rajkumar informed me that it was tasteless. I don’t think my palette is discerning enough yet to tell the difference.

After lunch I had a can of Thums Up, a misspelt cousin of Coca Cola and Pepsi. It is unique to India and I enjoy it… but again it wasn’t appreciated by Bharathi and Rajkumar. I felt pretty cool riding along on the back of Scooty drinking my can of drink at the same time though.


The sun is getting incredibly hot, and I think I may have burned a little in the 40 minutes that we were driving. Definitely need to remember to wear my SPF50 sunscreen everyday. Rajkumar complained that the sun was very affecting. So it is nice that I am not the only one!


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