Hanuman’s first day

Part of a series of entries retelling Hindu legends about different Gods in my own words. While there are over 330 million Hindu Gods, I’ll just tell stories that I encounter. This entry is the first of the stories regarding Hanuman, the Monkey God.

Hanuman and the Sun

Hanuman was born in a cave, high on a mountain top. He was born feeling quite hungry, so he crawled to the entrance of the cave to look for food. The first thing he saw was the Sun, high in the sky, and he thought that it was a very ripe, delicious looking mango. So, he jumped after it, and flew towards it, wanting to eat it all up.

Indra, Lord of Heaven, saw Hanuman getting closer and closer to the Sun, and was scared for the Sun. So he threw a lightning bolt at Hanuman, knocking him back to Earth.

Vayu, the Lord of Wind and Hanuman’s father, saw this, and was angry. So, he retreated from Earth, taking all the air with him. Everything on Earth started to suffocate because of the lack of air, so the Indra and Brahma the Creator went to Vayu to apologise: in order to appease him they promised that his son would be invincible, immortal and super powerful.

Hanu means ‘jaw’ in sanskrit, and refers to the mark that was left on his face by Indra’s lightning bolt.


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