Hanuman saves the day

Part of a series of entries retelling Hindu legends about different Gods in my own words. While there are over 330 million Hindu Gods, I’ll just tell stories I encounter. This entry is the second of the stories regarding Hanuman, the Monkey God.


Hanuman was helping Lord Rama (incarnation of Vishnu) find his wife Sita who had been kidnapped by the demon king Ravana, and taken to (Sri) Lanka.

There was a great battle between Lord Rama’s army and Ravana’s army of Rakshasas (demons), during which Lord Rama’s army was destroyed. As they lay dying and dead on the battlefield, someone told Hanuman to go to the Himalayas to collect some magical herbs to bring them back to life.

So, without asking questions, Hanuman flies off to the Himalayas. However, once he reaches he realises that he doesn’t actually know what he is looking for.

So, like a boss, he picks up the mountain and carries it back to Lanka with him. As he gets closer, the perfume from the herbs on the mountain revive Rama and his army, so Hanuman returns the mountain to its rightful place.


2 thoughts on “Hanuman saves the day

  1. Anu

    Hi ,

    I was directed to your blog because WordPress noticed some similarities. I am glad it did. Enjoyed your version of the stories. And look forward to more. Wishinng you the best in Coimbatore. I left India to live In London !


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