My boss and his wife visit their astrologer regularly, and consult him on most of the decisions they make in their lives.

Their astrologer told them that the house that they were living in was causing them problems in their business and personal lives, because of its physical location and negative energy in the house. So they decided to move, and after three weeks of searching finally found a nice apartment, in a nice quiet neighbourhood, and paid a deposit on the the rent.

So they gave four weeks notice in their current apartment, and after three weeks they went back to the astrologer to find out a date for them to be able to move into the new apartment – an auspicious day that will start them off on the right foot in the new house. But the astrologer did some calculations about the new apartment’s location, altitude, and outlook, and told them that this apartment was no good either. It would bring them negative energy as well, and no problems would be solved. So with two days to go in the old apartment, they needed to find a new place to stay.

After a morning of confusion and problem solving, they decided that there was nothing to be done but call the landlord, apologise and tell him to keep the deposit, and find somewhere else to move to in two days.

So they called the landlord, and told him their dilemma. Luckily, he had another apartment in the same building. Because it was on a different floor and faced a different direction, their astrologer said that this would be suitable.

And they moved the next day.


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