Indian Krispy Kreme experience

Krispy Kreme opened in Bangalore recently. Apparently when it opened there was a massive line of people not so patiently waiting for their donuts. Even now, months later, on Saturdays there is a line of people out the door.

Now, I’ve had Krispy Kreme in Australia. And I’ve had it in Europe. And I’ve had it in the UK. But I have to say the experience I’ve had with Krispy Kreme here has been unrivalled by these other places. And thats all because of this:

photo 1

Its the machine that makes the donuts. At the beginning there is the batter, and it is squeezed out into the donut shape, and dropped into hot oil where it cooks. Then it gets rolled up onto a conveyor belt where it is iced (or glazed), and then it rolls its way around before being put through a cooling tunnel.

Now if you manage to get there at the right time, and the production is happening, it is possible to ask them to get the donuts for you before they go through the cooling tunnel.

And let me tell you, you’ve never had donuts like this. Fresh, melt-in-your-mouth sugary goodness. They taste fantastic, and they are so light and soft. It tastes like fairies and rainbows and flowers. In donut form.

photo 4

Today as we were walking towards the store, we saw through the window that they were just finishing up a fresh batch. So we raced in, and raced up to the counter and asked for 6 donuts. The guy behind the counter asked whether we wanted them boxed, to which Anu frantically responded: “Just put them in the box! In the box!”. I’ve very rarely seen her so agitated and excited about something, and it really felt like we were down to the wire on this one. 30 seconds later and we would have missed them: the fresh donuts would have been swallowed by the cooling tunnel of boredom, and the whole experience would have changed.

photo 3

Anu enjoying fresh KK


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