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Apu the Super Dog

This is Apu. He is a super dog. He lives at Kannur, in Kerala. He is approximately one and a half years old, but spent most of his life living in a small cage. For some daft reason, the people who looked after him kept him in a small cage, and didn’t let him roam free.

But a few days before this photo was taken, a very kind hearted soul released him from the cage and took the time to acquaint him with the outside world. Baby steps were taken, and he was kept chained for two days before he was allowed to roam free.

Apu is such a fantastic dog. He thinks that he is a cat, so he runs up to you and tries to rub between your legs. He is so full of love but does not know how to show it: in his excitement he tries to become one with you, and gets so close and affectionate.

If he is far away when he sees you, he runs up to you and half leaps, running into you like a cannonball. Luckily he is not a huge dog, so the force isn’t enough to knock you over.


When he runs around free you can see that he has not had freedom for long. He is still unsure what to do with it, and races around looking at everything in as short a period of time, in case the freedom is fleeting.

The way he looks at you is so full of innocence and curiosity.

I miss you Apu and wish that we could stay together!


Introducing Scooty

This is Scooty.


Without Scooty I think that I would be very frustrated. It is amazing how much bigger the world seems with your own transport and ability to move around. Scooty reaches maximum speeds of 40km/h – although it’s reasonably rare that I get a clear road on which to gun it. Sometimes though, on the way home from work, I get a clear stretch on a straight patch of road, and I put Scooty through her paces.

I’m lucky that I am living in a reasonably peaceful Indian city, where the roads aren’t too congested. I don’t think I would even dream of riding a scooter in Bangalore, it would be far too stressful. The Coimbatore roads are reasonably peaceful, except for the morning and evening peak times when everyone is rushing home from work.

I think I also benefit from the fact that I am one of a few (if any – I am yet to see another white person outside of the train station) white people in Coimbatore. I seem to get given more space than I would otherwise expect – I think its because a lot of other drivers are surprised to see a single white girl driving a scooter. Driving it reasonably aggressively too I’ll admit. Whatever the reason, the extra space makes driving a bit easier.

Driving around is a lot of fun, and I sometimes take a longer route to get where I am going (on purpose, I swear…) just so that I can drive for longer. Also a huge part of my work at the moment involves driving to schools in the district, so I’m getting a fair bit of scooter time. However I am not allowed to drive at these times – I’m relegated to the back of the scooter while my colleague drives me. I still really enjoy it though!

Two days ago I treated Scooty for a full tank of petrol, and also a bit of a make over.


I had this Ganesha sticker put on the front of Scooty, because it is supposed to bring good luck.

Ganesha is the god of the present, sitting between the past and the future, removing all obstacles, ensuring the realisation of every dream. So it makes sense to have him around when you’re travelling and possibly encountering obstacles on your journey.

So, I went and found the biggest sticker that would fit on the front of Scooty. Ain’t no one going to stop me now.