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Poetry in action

Every month in Bangalore there is a flea market called Kitsch Mandi held at Palace Grounds, on Airport Road.

It’s a very cool affair- local artists and designers pay a small fee to have a stall at the market, and they sell all manner of things. From second hand books, to hand made jewellery, to clothes, to stationary. There has also been activities in the past such as book binding classes.

Last month two girls had a stall offering free tea in return for a poem. So Anu and I came up with two brilliant poems. What all we will do for a cup of tea…


Anasua’s poem:

There was a market called Kitsch Mandi,
The only thing we didn’t find was biryani in a handi,
But instead she got a cup of tea,
And the best part was that it was for free.

My poem:

There once was a girl who wanted some tea,
And she found some people who would give it for free,
They said ‘write us a poem’,
And she wrote what she wanted,
Just because she didn’t know ’em.

Pure genius.


The Gap

There is a lot written about the gap in India between rich and poor. And you can see it everywhere you go, the expensive cars next to the people on bicycles, the beggars standing outside UB City, home of Louis Vuitton and Burburry. But these obvious signs can be ignored. You can look away from the beggars, you can ignore the way in which different groups live. But sometimes this huge gap is brought home by very simple things. Today, it was something as simple as a cup of tea that reminded me.


Street Chai: 7 rs

Chai at the Capital hotel: 99 rs