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A story of a marriage

This is my Boss and his Wife.


They have been married for just over a year now, and seem to be quite happy. The tale surrounding their marriage is quite an interesting one, so let me share it with you.

Two years ago, the future-Wife started working for the company, as a receptionist/personal assistant to the Boss. Apparently She was very quiet while working there, and did not talk much with the Boss.

One fateful day, She was out shopping for office pooja items with the Boss after work. After they finished their shopping, they walked back to the bus stand so that She could catch a bus home. However there was a busy road in between them and the bus stand, and she was nervous to cross the traffic. So the Boss offered to hold Her hand while they crossed the road, and then let go as soon as they had crossed. She hopped on a bus and went home.

Little did they know, that they had been spotted by her Aunt and Grandmother! These two women wasted no time in calling her mother to gossip and chastise her about the loose behaviour of her daughter.

By the time the innocent young girl reached home, her mother was convinced she was having an affair. They fought when she reached home and her mother forbade her to go to the office anymore, wanting to save her daughter’s reputation.

So She called the Boss and informed him that Dhe would not be coming to office anymore. She was upset and confused about what was happening.

A week passed.

The Boss arrived at her doorstep and proposed marriage. Apparently he had suddenly realised his feelings for her during her absence, and wanted to marry her.

They were married a week later, and lived happily ever after.


It seems as though there may have been some manoeuvring on her behalf, in order to orchestrate a situation where the Boss felt as though he had to step in to save her reputation.

The Boss seems to be quite an honourable man, and belongs to a reasonably wealthy, high caste family. A very desirable husband.

Apparently he was threatened by her cousins and uncles after they saw them together, and felt as though he needed to marry her in order to save her. And to save her reputation.

So who knows. Maybe they were seen together on purpose. Maybe she made it seem as though he had been acting with less honour and innocence than he had been. Maybe she had let her family believe that she was madly in love with him and he was playing with her.

I guess we will never know the truth of the situation.

But they are now married. Happily ever after.


Apu the Super Dog

This is Apu. He is a super dog. He lives at Kannur, in Kerala. He is approximately one and a half years old, but spent most of his life living in a small cage. For some daft reason, the people who looked after him kept him in a small cage, and didn’t let him roam free.

But a few days before this photo was taken, a very kind hearted soul released him from the cage and took the time to acquaint him with the outside world. Baby steps were taken, and he was kept chained for two days before he was allowed to roam free.

Apu is such a fantastic dog. He thinks that he is a cat, so he runs up to you and tries to rub between your legs. He is so full of love but does not know how to show it: in his excitement he tries to become one with you, and gets so close and affectionate.

If he is far away when he sees you, he runs up to you and half leaps, running into you like a cannonball. Luckily he is not a huge dog, so the force isn’t enough to knock you over.


When he runs around free you can see that he has not had freedom for long. He is still unsure what to do with it, and races around looking at everything in as short a period of time, in case the freedom is fleeting.

The way he looks at you is so full of innocence and curiosity.

I miss you Apu and wish that we could stay together!